Some different "ecosystems within the biosphere include:


Vast expanse of degenerated vegetation composed of shrubs with evergreen leaves; it is adapted to summer drought.


Hot region where aridity (less than 4 in of annual rainfall) is such that plant and animal life is almost nonexistent.


Vast expanse of herbaceous plants, dominated by tall grasses and shrubs; it is typical of hot regions that have a rainy season.

Tropical rain forest

Dense forest whose biodiversity is among the richest; its growth is fostered by abundant and regular precipitation.


Vast expanse of herbaceous plants, mostly grasses; virtually devoid of trees, these regions are characterized by relatively cold, dry winters.

Temperate forest

Forest composed mainly of deciduous trees, including oak, ash and beech.

Boreal forest

Vast expanse of forest composed mainly of conifers, although certain deciduous trees also grow here.


Plant formation that grows in relatively arid regions; it includes mosses, lichens, grasses, bushes and dwarf trees.